Accu-Serve Logistics
Secure, clean warehousing facilities
Food-grade facilities available
Order fulfillment
Equipped to receive containerized and skidded inventory, pick and pack capabilities if required
Pick slips prepared to order, packing slips and waybills completed
Transportation Management Services
Project management
Managing your projects from start to finish using the latest project management tools and systems
Product servicing
Facilities and personnel can be set up to pre-stage products and offer repair services
Inventory management
Reporting inventory movement in- and out-bound, weekly or monthly as required
Reverse logistics
Programs tailored to individual needs

Facilities and Services
Container destuffing and unloading - specialty equipment used when required
Secure warehouse fenced with security badges to unlock doors
Online courier services for UPS, DHL, Purolator and FedEx
Pick and pack customer orders
Docks with ample space to handle big and small loads
Wide aisles for easy access to floor-stored skids and racks
Specialty custom in-house customer requirements
Heavy duty racking eliminates stacking of pallets
Rail car docks unloading and loading rail cars